The Glory of Naval at Hampton Roads

Located on the beach in downtown Norfolk is WWII Battleship, Wisconsin, which is operated by Nauticus. While this ship is impressive on many fronts, this ship is one of the largest warships ever built by the US Navy, and it is an impressive presence on the Norfolk coast. Launched in December 1943, it was also one of the last warships ever built by the US Navy.

Wisconsin was active in World War II, the Korean War, and Desert Storm Operations in 1991, and also served as a training ship among active tasks. Visitors first walk through the Nauticus building, with a series of extensive and well thought out exhibits related to the history and layout of the ship, before walking out onto the deck. Once on board, it’s possible to walk from one end to the other, climb the stairs to several upper levels, and explore a large part of Wisconsin on a self-guided tour.

On the seafront of the city center in Nauticus, the Victory Rover Cruise Ship is a great way to explore the area by sea. You will pass many interesting tourist attractions in the naval hampton roads area with this cruise ship, there are Portsmouth Coast Guard Station, shipyards, downtown Norfolk, Portsmouth Naval Hospital, and Norfolk Naval Station, and many impressive place around Hampton Roads naval area. This station is the largest of its kind in the world that is why you should not miss the rare opportunity to see this amazing station with your own eyes.

The 150 passenger boat has an open upper level and a closed cabin with air conditioner then the snack bar always provides food and beverages to passenger, so you don’t need to worry if you run out of snacks. Cruise ships operate regularly from March to November, with limited shipping in December.

The Glory of Naval at Hampton RoadsNext, there is The MacArthur Memorial honors Douglas MacArthur, a US general and United States Army Chief of Staff, as well as Americans who served in the Civil War, Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, Japanese Occupation and the Korean War. The Memorial is housed in a grand old court building, but this complex consists of both a memorial building and a large visitor center located next to it. There are tombs of General and Mrs. MacArthur in the center of the building just below the large dome, precisely in the Memorial Building which full of historical value. Galleries at the main and upper levels are organized by year and MacArthur’s chronic life and events over a period of time.