Getting Closer with The Hampton Road in the United States of America

Getting Closer with The Hampton Road in the United States of America – Hampton Road is the link that connects the Virginia Peninsula and South Hampton Road. The Hampton Road consists of 9 cities and 2 counties. Those cities and counties become one alliance. Meanwhile, there are about 11 localities in Hampton Roads. Each local provide specific assets. In addition, they also create cooperation to ensure that the citizen can live well in that area. That cooperation will make sure that Hampton Road can provide the best service for its community in every aspect such as education, job, health, transportation, and others.

In the education section, there are more than 100.000 students who enroll in some universities in Hampton Road. The name of the universities in Hampton Roads is Hampton University, Old Dominion University, Norfolk State University, Regent University, College of William and Mary, Virginia Wesleyan University, Eastern Virginia Medical School and Christopher Newport University. In addition, the Hampton Road is also supported by some community colleges. The name of community colleges in Hampton Road is Tidewater Community College, Paul D.Camp Community College, Thomas Nelson Community College, and Rappahannock Community College. Meanwhile, the name of Major Technical Schools in Hampton Road is Tidewater Tech, ECPI, Advanced Technology Institute, Aviation Institute of Maintenance, and the Art Institute. The students who are enrolled in the university are ready for working as part time workers or full time worker. In 2016, there are about 29000 graduate students from those universities and colleges. They are ready to get work in a real working place. The graduates are dominated by the students who study in Health and Related Programs, Business, Management, Marketing, Social Science, and Education.

The Hampton Road in the United States of America

In addition, as the city who provide the facilitation for its citizen, the Hampton Road is also equipped with some transportation service. The first one is the Air Service that is supported by two airports. The name of airports is Norfolk International (ORF) and Newport News or Williamsburg (PHF) airports. In a day, there is nine airlines that provide 250 flights to 26 airports. The Hampton Road is also supported by the modern state and interstate highways systems. The average commute time in Hampton Road is about 24.85 minutes. In order to support transportation in Hampton Road, Rail transportation is also developed. The main rail systems in Hampton Road are Norfolk Southern and CSX. Those rails are connected the Hampton Road with other regions.