Get the Best Food and Wine Pairing in Hampton Street Vineyard!

Get the Best Food and Wine Pairing in Hampton Street Vineyard! – Food and alcohols are one of the greatest common pleasure people can get. Are you up to spend some money on a good wine and gourmet dishes? If you are in Hampton, South Carolina, don’t miss Hampton Street Vineyard!
• The Food
Hampton Street Vineyard offered both lunch and dinner menus. Overall, the lunch menus are significantly cheaper starting from five dollars to fourteen dollars. However, as much as it is obvious, the dinner menu has more variations (starting from soup, salad, entrée, main course, and finally dessert) in addition to the wine menu.

So, if you are looking for a true fine dining experience, you should visit the restaurant at night before staying in bed. Otherwise, Hampton Street Vineyard offers a variety of gourmet food. There are also special offers such as ‘Nightly Seafood Special’ that you can get every dinnertime for five dollars only.

• The Wine
You can get fine dining without wine. Certainly, this sentence is true in Hampton Street Vineyard. After all, it is called vineyard thanks to the long wine list it offers. The wine itself includes varieties of wine from various vineyards such as Ravenswood Vineyards, Estancia Vineyards, Marcel Guigal, Ridge Vineyards, Jordan, Caymus Vineyards, Sterling Vineyards Reserve, Heitz Vineyards, Simi Vineyards, Quintessa, Diamond Creek Vineyards, Robert Mondovi, Chateau St. Jean, and Franciscan Vineyards. Depending on the vineyards of choice, there are different types of wine and of course different price tags. You can look for their menu online if you want to measure your budget. Overall, the prices are standard for fine dining.

Wine Pairing in Hampton Street Vineyard• The Location
Located in 1202 Hampton Street, SC, the restaurant chooses a small American dining space. On busy hours, the restaurant will be crowded, but fear not! After all, the employees are very accommodating and ready to help customers, old or new, find their seats. Otherwise, the ambience is pretty good with wood furniture and yellow lights on the walls – perfect for an evening with quality seafood, meat, and wine. One thing to mention is that due to the menu selection and cramped space, it is not kid-friendly. So, only pick the place for adult gatherings to not miss the alcohol!

If you love wine, you will love hanging in Hampton Street Vineyard. Though it is meant to be a restaurant, the place has an extensive wine list that every wine lover would appreciate. In fact, the restaurant was awarded ‘Best of Award of Excellence’ from the Wine Spectator Magazine!