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Tuesday, Apr 24, 2018

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 HamptonRoadsPerforms.org is a website focusing on how well the region is doing on a broad array of quality of life indicators. It features a “Hampton Roads Scorecard,” highlighting each indicator’s performance and whether it is trending downward, improving or maintaining. The purpose is to inform and engage citizens with Hampton Roads’ progress and its future as well as significantly enhancing government transparency and accountability. The website shows real world results and will supplement and guide efforts by government and civic leaders on the development and implementation of a roadmap for Hampton Roads’ future. Organizations can use the scorecard and research in community education and dialogue as well as to structure and facilitate civic engagement processes in the future. Go to the Web site... 


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HamptonRoadsPerforms.org contains a wealth of valuable information about the region's overall quality of life; it also tracks and links to numerous regional efforts to improve results for area citizens.

We encourage other organizations to link to us where appropriate and offer the following as a ready aid to site webmasters.

To link through plain text, please copy the following code into a designated spot on your pages:

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<strong><a href="http://HamptonRoadsPerforms.org/">Hampton Roads Performs: Measuring the Quality of Life in Virginia's Hampton Roads</a></strong>
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Hampton Roads Performs:
Measuring the Quality of Life in Virginia's Hampton Roads


To link to us using the small version of our logo, please copy the following code:

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