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Tuesday, Apr 24, 2018

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2010: Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy: Vision Hampton Roads - Strategy Committee Members PDF Print E-mail


Task Force Leads for Plan Implementation:

  • Infrastructure-Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization, Mr. Dwight Farmer
  • Innovation-Cox Communications, Dr. Joseph F. Bouchard, and Innovate!HamptonRoads, Mr. Rick Lally
  • Intellectual & Human Capital-Opportunity, Inc. and Peninsula Council for Workforce Development, Ms. Judy Begland and Mr. Matthew James
  • Sense of Place-TBD
  • Federal-Hampton Roads Military & Federal Facilities Alliance, RADM Craig Quigley (USN, Ret) and Jefferson Lab, Dr. Roy Whitney
  • Port & Maritime-Virginia Port Authority, Virginia Maritime Association and Virginia Ship Repair Association, Mr. Russell Held, Mr. Art Moye and Mr. Mal Branch
  • Tourism/Arts & Culture-Virginia Arts Festival and Coastal Virginia Tourism Alliance, Mr. Rob Cross and Mr. Anthony J. DiFilippo
  • Opportunities-Hampton Roads Partnership, Mr. E. Dana Dickens, III, Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance, Mr. Darryl Gosnell, and Mr. Arthur L. Collins
    • Coastal energy-Earl Energy and VA Offshore Wind (VOW), Mr. Josh Prueher
    • Environment-Hampton Roads Sanitation District, Mr. Ted Henifin
    • Healthcare and life sciences-Eastern VA Medical School (EVMS), Dr. C. Donald Combs
  • Public-Government Awareness & Policy-Hampton Roads Partnership, Mr. E. Dana Dickens, III

Vision Hampton Roads Implementation Plan

Strategy (Oversight) Committee Members:

  • Dr. Jim Batterson, Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Ms. Judy Begland, Opportunity Inc. of Hampton Roads
  • Mr. David L. Bernd, Sentara Healthcare
  • Dr. Joseph F. Bouchard, Cox Communications
  • Mr. Mal Branch, Virginia Ship Repair Association
  • Mr. J. Robert Bray, Kaufman & Canoles Consulting, LLC
  • Ms. Regina Brayboy, Virginia International Terminals
  • Mr. Jerry A. Bridges, Virginia Port Authority
  • Mr. John R. Broderick, Old Dominion University
  • CPT J. William Cofer, Virginia Pilot Association
  • Mr. Arthur L. Collins, HRPDC (retired), Task Force Lead
  • Mr. George Crawley, 200+ Men, Inc.-Hampton Roads Chapter
  • Mr. Rob Cross, Virginia Arts Festival
  • CPT Charles Stuppard, U.S. Navy Region, Mid-Atlantic
  • Mr. E. Dana Dickens, III, Hampton Roads Partnership
  • Dr. Deborah M. DiCroce, Tidewater Community College
  • Mr. Anthony J. DiFilippo, Norfolk Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Ms. Wendy C. Drucker, Drucker & Falk, LLC
  • Mr. Doug Dwoyer, Hampton Roads Research Partnership
  • Mr. Jack Ezzell, ZEL Technologies
  • Mr. Dwight Farmer, Hampton Roads Planning District Commission
  • Mr. Larry H. Filer, II, Old Dominion University
  • Mr. Thomas R. Frantz, Williams Mullen
  • Mr. Darryl W. Gosnell, Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance
  • Mr. William M. Grace, Grace Industries, Urban League of Hampton Roads
  • Mr. Greg Grootendorst, Hampton Roads Planning District Commission
  • Mr. Louis S. Haddad, Armada Hoffler
  • Mr. Robert R. Harper, Northrop Grumman (retired)
  • Mr. Russell Held, Virginia Port Authority
  • Mr. Matthew James, Peninsula Council for Workforce Development
  • Mr. Thomas G. Johnson, Willcox & Savage, PC
  • Mr. Maurice Jones, Virginian-Pilot
  • Mr. Rick Lally, Innovate!HamptonRoads
  • Mr. Harry T. Lester, Eastern Virginia Medical School
  • Mr. Thomas Little, International Longshoreman's Association
  • Mr. Vincent J. Mastracco, Kaufman & Canoles Consulting, LLC
  • Mr. Gary T. McCollum, Cox Communications
  • Mr. James O. McReynolds, Hampton Roads Chief Administrative Officers
  • Dr. Juan Montero, II, MD, Mid-Atlantic Shippers' Association
  • Ms. Suzanne Puryear, The Planning Council
  • RADM Craig Quigley (USN Ret), Hampton Roads Military & Federal Facilities Alliance
  • Ms. Lesa B. Roe, NASA Langley Research Center
  • Dr. Charlie Sapp, Hampton City Council (retired)
  • Mr. Donald W. Seale, Norfolk Southern Corporation
  • Mr. Digby A. Solomon, Daily Press, Inc.
  • Mr. Jim Spore, City of Virginia Beach, Manager
  • Ms. Deborah K. Stearns, Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate
  • CPT Charles Stuppard, U.S. Navy Region, Mid-Atlantic
  • Mr. Jack Tuttle, City of Williamsburg, Manager
  • Mr. David Tynch, Cooper Spong & Davis
  • Honorable Frank W. Wagner, Virginia General Assembly, Senate
  • Mr. Roy Whitney, Jefferson Lab
  • Mr. Alan S. Witt, Witt Mares
  • Mr. Joseph R. Witt, Old Point National Bank


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