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Tuesday, Apr 24, 2018

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Elevating the levels of educational attainment and preparedness ensures that citizens gain the knowledge and life skills required by the global economy. The education indicators measured on HamptonRoadsPerforms.org help to assess the progress that the region is making and understand the key factors that influence the educational attainment of residents in Hampton Roads.


Unite the region’s stakeholders behind efforts to ensure all citizens gain knowledge and life skills required to succeed in the global economy and society.


School Readiness – A child's school readiness involves all aspects of development, including the ability to follow directions, hold a crayon, speak understandably, identify shapes/letters/numbers, share with others, and separate from parents without being upset. In order to fully benefit from the instruction provided in kindergarten, children must come to school with many fundamental skills already established. 

Educational Attainment – An educated population is one of the most important components of a vital, healthy region. Educational attainment measures the educational level of people living in a particular area. It is a long-term indicator of the investment that a region has made in developing and attracting human capital. This indicator provides a "big picture" assessment of the region's quality of life, workforce preparedness and economic potential. 

Research & Technology (R&T) – Research and technology are key components in the continued economic growth of the Hampton Roads area. As home to 11 colleges and universities, as well as an active business community, the Hampton Roads region has the potential to stay on the forefront of technology-based business and industrial activity.



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